The team

Jasper Adamson

Jasper is the group leader and has experience in organic synthesis, crystallography and NMR through various experiences in England and Estonia. He now combines these experiences in the synthesis of new macrocyclic molecules in drug delivery. Synthesis of new molecules, characterising their structures, binding properties and dynamics by NMR and in the solid-state by crystallographic techniques are fascinating undertakings for daily work and for future usability of the systems. As much as science is an interest, it is equally important to work in a respectable, dynamic, friendly and driven working environment. Jasper wants to meet both of these interests for the group’s performance. Jasper is a triplet and is keen to do sports and engage in interesting conversations in his free time.

Mari-Liis Brük


Mari-Liis is a third year PhD student focusing her work on the synthesis of oxacalixarene and flexible macrocycles. After her maternity break, Mari-Liis continues to investigate macrocycles.

Ngan Nguyen


Ngan is a first year PhD student focusing her work on the synthesis of new chiral hemicucurbiturils. She obtained a BS in chemical engineering and technology in Viet Nam. She then received MS from Sookmyung Women University, working on the synthesis of macrocycles from new tetrathiafulvalene derivatives. In her free time, she loves to play chess and badminton.

Silvia Viidik


Silvia is focused on scientific approach from many different aspects – having obtained BS cum laude in technical science, Silvia proceeded in economics, diving deep in stock market instruments in TalTech and University of Amsterdam. After a traffic accident that brought a severe brain injury, Silvia refocused on neurology and cell biology.