Synthesis lab

We have fully equipped organic synthesis laboratories for our work where the macrocycles are made. We use a Sartorius microbalance for our NMR samples for complexation experiments.

NMR spectroscopy

For NMR experiments we usually use either a 800 MHz or 500 MHz spectrometer. The spectrometers are used for experiments that range from 1D and 2D NMR spectra, NMR titrations, dimerization, kinetic, and other characteristic studies. We use the 500 MHz spectrometer for experiments at high and low temperatures and complexation dynamics.

The AVANCE III 800 MHz is connected with 18.8 T magnet and a Cryoprobe (D/H/C/N/P) and an automatic sample changer for multiple measurements. The Agilent DD2 500 MHz (11.7T/51 mm) allows for solution NMR experiments in the temperature region –80 – 130 °C. The spectrometer is equipped with a sample changer with 9 positions and an electrical sample cooler for automated work for temperatures below –25 °C.

You will find our lab rules here and Schlenk line operating rules here.