Supramolecular Chemistry Group

We are a research group working in the field of supramolecular chemistry and investigate the synthesis of functional macrocyclic cavitands for several applications, such as drug delivery and sensing.




The group would like to congratulate Professor Drew Weissman and Katalin Karikó on their Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2023. It has been an honor working with you on projects related to mRNA delivery recently. We would like to wish you the best of success for all your science and personal endeavors!

Science been developed


Together with Professor Virgil Percec and Eleonora Gianti, Jasper was an author for a chapter Complex Helical Self-Organizations and Functions on All Length Scales. From Art, Architecture, Early Machines and Natural Phenomena to Biological and Synthetic Assemblies and Macromolecules“ that was published in the book series Supramolecular Nanotechnology: Advanced Design of Self-Assembled Functional Material, edited by O. Azzaroni and M. Conda-Sheridan, earlier this year.

The team is growing


Silvia, Argo and Mikk will investigate new structures this summer. Silvia will support us with data analysis, literature searches and data management. Argo and Mikk will work in the lab to discover new flexible macrocycles.

Kirsti defends her Bachelor thesis with an excellent result


Kirsti Palmi defended her Bachelor thesis with the highest possible grade and a special mention from the defense committee out of 30 students. Kirsti was supervised by Jasper, together with Helena Roithmeyer. She will now be starting her Master’s degree in Sweden. We wish you all the best of success, Kirsti, and thank you for being such an excellent student!

New summer student


This summer, Nikita Žoglo, an undergraduate student from University of Cambridge, has joined our group. He also worked in our group last summer. And now he will be writing an article based on the experiments that we did last year.

Internship completed


Louana successfully completed her internship and presented her work about the synthesis of macrocycles and the investigation of dimerisation via NMR in an internship report and a final presentation back at the University of Marseille, in France.

Zoo visit


On Louana’s last day in Estonia we visited the zoo of Tallinn together to learn more about native species. Since it was quite a hot day we envied the seals and polar bears for their swimming opportunities.

Open air museum visit


“Our first group event was a picnic in Estonian Open Air museum, where the scenery was set by old Estonian houses brought there from all over Estonia. As our group members have different cultural backgrounds, we prepared some food items that describe most the cultures we come from. There were homemade pretzels and beer from Bavaria, French cheese and condiments and groats porridge with bacon and birch juice from Estonia. Our amazing food festival ended with a horse carriage ride around the museum.” by Kirsti, second year NMR bachelor student.